Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jenna Marbles: YouTube video blogger

Jenna Mourey (YouTube name Jenna Marbles) is the most popular female vlogger on YouTube. As of March 31, 2013 she had more than 8 million subscribers to her YouTube Channel and had just surpassed 1 billion videos viewed.

Who is Jenna Marbles, and how did she rise to become the most popular female blogger on YouTube?

Marbles posts a new video blog every Wednesday. She records them in her bedroom, direct to the camera. The 2-4 minute vlogs tackle the everyday issues of someone her age: boys, makeup, dating, jobs, texting and social media. In the videos, she displays a quirky-sexy-honest personality that has charmed her followers.
Here is one of the early videos that launched her YouTube persona: "How to trick people into thinking you're good-looking."

And then there are her two dogs, Kermit and Marbles Every video ends with a cameo from her little four-legged companions, and a call to subscribe to her video channel, or not!

What is the explanation for Jenna Marbles' extraordinary popularity? How did a girl with a Masters Degree from Boston University in Sports Psychology and Counseling become the #1 female blogger on YouTube.

In this interview with "What's Trending," she touches on some of the keys to her success: Her quirky-sexy personality is a big part. But her authenticity connects, especially with young teenage girls. Filming in her own bedroom, straight to the camera creates an intensely personal, honest feeling to her videos. Her everyday topics and blunt candor help as well. And Marbles herself notes one of the most important keys to her success: "You have to start. Just jump, just do it and don't turn back." She has made a new video every Wednesday since she started, and that regularity has given her fans something to follow and look forward to.

More than anything, the success of Jenna Marbles on YouTube shows the power of being yourself.

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