Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Red Bull named #1 for Social Video

Go big, or go home.

A survey of the top brands in the category of social video found that the bold are rewarded.

Red Bull tops for Social Video in 2012

In 2012 no one was more bold than Red Bull, sponsor of Felix Baumgartner's supersonic freefall from 128,000 feet up in space.

As of late February 2013, the video had tallied more than 32 million views on YouTube.

You know you've scored a social hit when you get user comments like: "An energy drink has a better space program than your country."

Case Study: Willitblend.com

How do you compete with massive, established kitchen appliance manufacturers when you are a 'little guy'?

willitblend.com unleashed the power of social sharing by creating innovative and compelling content that was highly "sharable" while, at the same time, vividly depicting their product's advantages.

The video that put the company on the map was a short clip of its product being used to "blenderize" an iPhone.

The company's YouTube Channel has tallied more than 217 million video views for its series of "Will it Blend?" challenges.

Willitblend also incorporated LISTENING into its social strategy. Visitors to the site suggest things they'd like to be subjected to the "Will It Blend" test.

Of course, the content is entertaining. But it also demonstrates the key feature of the product - it is a powerful blender. So the humorous videos lead consumers back to the willitblend.com website where visitors can be converted into costumers who willingly pay $399 for this super-charged blender.

Measuring Social ROI

Monday, February 25, 2013

Social Case Study: Old Spice

Arguably the most creative and effective social marketing campaign is the Old Spice campaign executed by Portland's own creative agency Wieden + Kennedy.

Among the amazing results achieved by the campaign:

  • More people watched its response videos in the first 24 hours than watched Obama's victory speech
  • 40 million video views in one week
  • 1.4 billion total impressions
  • Massive "free media" coverage including network news outlets, Oprah and Ellen
  • Significant boost in sales of the Old Spice Bodywash product, and Old Spice #1 in male bodywash market

Here's the ad that launched it all: "Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like." (2010)

Here's a nice case study deconstructing why the campaign was so successful:

And here is W + K's own "case study" story of the making of the Old Spice campaign, and why it was so successful.

@Mashable compiled its own "Top 10" list of the best 'response videos' churned out by Mustafa and the W + K creative team over that long but memorable weekend.

Mashable's Top 10 Old Spice Response Videos

Here's just one example of the "response videos" - made in response to a tweet by celeb / Twitter pro Alyssa Milano:

And Milano creates her own YouTube response video:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Client Assessment Questions

Co-creating a Social Marketing Strategy with a client/partner requires a clear understanding of the client's business - what is their service, product and/or "value proposition" - and also their customer. Who are they trying to reach?

Then the social marketing team must discover the needs and goals of the client. What are goals and results that would be important for the organization to achieve. The way to uncover social marketing opportunities - areas where the client's goals align with appropriate social marketing tools - is through a client assessment interview.

Here are some of the questions that can help assess a client's goals...and also the points of intersection between overall goals and the 'best match' of which goals can be effectively achieved through a social marketing campaign.


Who is your customer / target?
What is your ‘value proposition?’ The ‘Offer’? 
Who are the chief competitors / collaborators who offer your product/service?
What do you do better than others like you?
What is the biggest problem you face as a biz/service?
What do people NOT know about your biz/service?
What would success look like to you?
How will you measure ‘success’?

Then the big question, which the social marketing team must reflect on, is: 

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Power of Listening

Lots of organizations use social media platforms to "talk." Far fewer fully utilize the power of social media for "listening."

"Talking" is a way of using these new platforms in old, traditional ways. "Talking" is just a digital-social way of "publishing" or "broadcasting," one-way communication models relied upon by legacy platforms like newspapers and television, theatre and film.

"Listening" creates opportunities for discovery, where organizations and brands can find out what they didn't know they didn't know...about their product, their business, and their customer.

Unilever used a social listening strategy to learn more about the target audience - young guys - of their "Axe" brand of deodorant products. As noted in The Groundswell, Unilever's use of social tools for listening enabled them to discover how young men spoke, the settings they related to, and the topics and themes that mattered most to them.

The result is an advertising campaign for Axe products that might be unappealing or even insulting to many demographics, yet is especially effective at reaching the intended young male who is their target.

Ad Age article: For Axe Star, It Sure Helps to Think Like a Guy 

YouTube: Even Angels Will Fall (Axe)

Axe: Showerpooling

Thesis: Axe vs. Old Spice - Two approaches

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mambo Media / Siouxsie Jennett links

From our presentation by Siouxsie Jennett at Mambo Media here are the links for your personal educational use.

Presentation (PPT) - Email instructor for downloadable copy (personal use only)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Social Marketing Project Clients


Client: WSU-V Creative Media and Digital Culture Program
Contact: Dene Grigar
Goals: TBD

Client: Nouspace Gallery and Media Lounge
Contact: Dene Grigar
Goals: TBD

Client: New Day Community Dental Clinic
Trent Heppler, Executive Director / Clinic Manager
Direct Line: 360-852-8538

Client: Vancouver Business Resource
Johnnie Hildreth
Supervisor - Alisa Pyszka 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ex 3: Success or Fail - Updated!

I've updated the wording of the Exercise 3 assignment to reflect the two options of doing either a Social Media Success or a Social Media Fail case study.

I've also posted last night's lecture slides to the class page.

Our guest speaker Siouxsie Jennett will be forwarding me her presentation and I will also add that to the class page when I receive it.

Prof M

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Ads: The Social

Coke - "Chase"  (You choose the winner at www.cokechase.com) and website #fail

OREO - "Whisper" (Join the Fight on Instagram) - and Breaking Down Oreo's Four Million Dollar Instagram Super Bowl (SocialFresh)

GoPro Hero - Homemade Video

Doritos - Fashionista Daddy - Crash the Super Bowl fan-made winner 2013 and Ranking Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalists / Bleacherreport.com

Super Bowl Ads: The Good (Narratives)

Budweiser Clydesdales: "Brotherhood"

"Miracle Stain" - TIDE

"God Made a Farmer" - RAM

Super Bowl Ads: The Bad and Ugly

Lincoln crowd-sourced Steer The Script Ad - Trailer

Full UGC Lincoln Steer the Script:

GoDaddy "Perfect Match - Bar Refaeli kissing Jesse Heiman"