Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Social Success Case Study: Old Spice

Arguably the most creative and effective social marketing campaign is the Old Spice campaign executed by Portland's own creative agency Wieden + Kennedy.

Among the amazing results achieved by the campaign:

  • More people watched its response videos in the first 24 hours than watched Obama's victory speech
  • 40 million video views in one week
  • 1.4 billion total impressions
  • Massive "free media" coverage including network news outlets, Oprah and Ellen
  • Significant boost in sales of the Old Spice Bodywash product, and Old Spice #1 in male bodywash market

Here's the ad that launched it all: "Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like." (2010)

Here's a nice case study deconstructing why the campaign was so successful:

And here is W + K's own "case study" story of the making of the Old Spice campaign, and why it was so successful.

@Mashable compiled its own "Top 10" list of the best 'response videos' churned out by Mustafa and the W + K creative team over that long but memorable weekend.

Mashable's Top 10 Old Spice Response Videos

Here's just one example of the "response videos" - made in response to a tweet by celeb / Twitter pro Alyssa Milano:

And Milano creates her own YouTube response video:

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