Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Burger King's social choice: Free burger, or true "Fan"?

Burger King in Norway is trying out a rather unusual social strategy to separate its "true fans" from the trolls: The company is running "The Whopper Sellout," offering their  38,000 existing Facebook fans a simple choice: Demonstrate true be a "true fan" by liking the chain's new Facebook page, or opt for a free Big Mac and be declared a "Whopper sellout". Those who opted for the freebie received a coupon for a Big Mac in the mail, along with a signed letter reminding them they were "banned from Burger King's Facebook page for eternity".

Read: full story on Serious Eats

WATCH: Burger King - Whopper sellout

Burger King: Whopper sellout from Patty George on Vimeo.

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