Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Case Study: Willitblend.com

How do you compete with massive, established kitchen appliance manufacturers when you are a 'little guy'?

willitblend.com unleashed the power of social sharing by creating innovative and compelling content that was highly "sharable" while, at the same time, vividly depicting their product's advantages.

The video that put the company on the map was a short clip of its product being used to "blenderize" an iPhone.

The company's YouTube Channel has tallied more than 217 million video views for its series of "Will it Blend?" challenges.

Willitblend also incorporated LISTENING into its social strategy. Visitors to the site suggest things they'd like to be subjected to the "Will It Blend" test.

Of course, the content is entertaining. But it also demonstrates the key feature of the product - it is a powerful blender. So the humorous videos lead consumers back to the willitblend.com website where visitors can be converted into costumers who willingly pay $399 for this super-charged blender.

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