Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Guest Lecturer tonight 11/12 (Prof M sick)

Hello DTC #338 students,

I'm very sorry that I'm not feeling well and will miss you all tonight. Dr. Grigar assures me you will be in good hands and will have another member of the excellent DTC faculty as your instructor tonight for our planned discussion of Social Privacy and Social Media Information Security.

I know you'll provide the same high level of engagement and participation that I enjoy with you each week.

Please turn in your peer review forms tonight, I'll have them left for me.

And note that next week's assignment, our final Exercise #6 on Social Media Ethics, is already posted to the class website.

Due to my absence tonight, I will be emailing out grades for the excellent Team Marketing Projects, and will return Ex 4/5 to you in class next week.

Final reminder that your Brand of You Project is ongoing, with your full Marketing Plan due tonight via email by 6p, and then after the Thanksgiving Break, you will submit your report and do a 5-minute presentation to the class at our final meeting on Tues Dec 3.

Prof. M

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