Monday, January 28, 2013

Jet Blue: Being Human in Social

Companies can damage themselves by behaving inhumanely toward their customers. They can also use social media to behave 'socially,' and turn potential PR disasters into opportunities to create better relations with their customers.

The airline JetBlue faced just such a potential PR disaster after an incident on February 14, 2007 caused about 1,000 flight cancellations within a five-day period, stranding many customers on the Valentine's holiday travel.  Case study: Jet Blue

In a bold move, the company's CEO created a very personal apology message and posted it on YouTube in which he took responsibility for the incident, and also pledged a retroactive "Customer Bill of Rights."

The CEO's approach drew praise from The Church of the Customer Blog and was well-received by customers. Jet Blue turned what could have been a PR disaster into an opportunity to connect honestly with its customers. 

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