Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Social Storytelling: Social + Narrative

Effective Social Storytelling combines both these elements: There is a social component: The voices of others are invited and included. There is also still a narrative. Social tools do not require the end of organized thought. The 'social conversation' can be curated and presented in a way that follows the best traditions of narrative structure, with a progression from beginning to end and elements of character and plot development (who is this about, why do we care?).

With that in mind, take a look at a few select examples of how students used social tools like Twitter and YouTube to 'capture' the Dream It, Do It event as it unfolded, and then composed compelling narratives using TUMBLR and STORIFY to organize those social posts in an effective story.

TUMBLR to capture the event
Cassidy Sargent

TUMBLR in a different way, using the event as inspiration but personalizing the message with 'original' content elements
Mike Ross

STORIFY to capture the event
Setareh Alizadeh
Evan Flanagan

Incorporating the personality of the 'curator', incorporating humor into the aggregation/curation.
Aaron Hahn

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