Friday, March 1, 2013

Tips & Resources: Using FB and Twitter for Non-Profits

Here are some excellent resources for using Facebook and Twitter, especially for non-profit marketing.

Facebook provides an excellent step by step guide on how to set up and 'operate' a Facebook 'business' page, which can be for a non-profit or a cause or even an event:

Creating a Facebook PAGE for your Business or Cause

There are numerous articles on how to use Twitter for non-profit causes.

Here's a Mashable article that reviews 25 of the top non-profits and their use of Twitter. Lots of examples of best practices from these large non-profits that can be 'scaled' to the local level for smaller organizations.

And here's an article with 11 tips for non-profits for how to optimize their use of Twitter. Among the key tips:

  • Completely fill out your 'profile' to optimize search, and increase follow-backs
  • Create and tweet content and links that will make "following" you worthwhile to your target audience (make it relevant, make it timely, make it interesting).
  • Include click-through links
  • Don't just promote your own links, retweet and share links from other org's
  • Follow back everyone who follows you (then organize your followers with lists)
  • Respond to people who engage with you
  • Be conversational!

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