Thursday, August 29, 2013

Storify: Curating the 'Social Buzz', Social Narratives

STORIFY is a social curation tool that enables the user to aggregate and curate content posted across a wide variety of social media - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. -- and then weave that already-published content from diverse social platforms into a new story.

The user adds value through their curation of existing social content, by selecting the best from each of the other social platforms, and then by using the sequencing/ordering features of Storify to create a new 'narrative' that tells a story of its own.

College student's story of bus driver harassment is one of the most-read Storify examples ever, and illustrates how it can be used.

KGW News uses Storify frequently to curate the 'Social Buzz' around the news, and to aggregate reporting on major national news and sports events.

Most recently, we curated the reaction to the selection of Ben Affleck as the new 'Batman.'

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