Friday, August 16, 2013

Welcome to DTC 338 - Special Topics: Social Media

Welcome to DTC 338 - Social Media. We'll meet Tuesday's from 6-8:30 in VMMC 115.

During the course of this class, we will explore the many emerging social tools - how they are shaping us, and how we are shaping them through our uses. We'll explore the ways in which social tools are shifting power between individuals and large organizations, the ways in which social tech connects - and disconnects - us, and even how it changes our identity in a digital world. We'll also explore ethics and privacy issues.

There will be two main projects during our class, a group project in teams of about 5, where you will design and execute a Social Media Strategy for a local nonprofit organization.

There will also be an individual Brand of You project where you will develop, refine and execute a Brand of You social strategy.

I'm looking forward to exploring these topics together with you.

Frank Mungeam
Adjunct Professor
Creative Media and Digital Culture Program
WSU - Vancouver

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